German born, the creator of Engayla, Angela Ehrig has built her design business with roots firmly planted in classic European traditions and her eye on the open hearted diversity of America. Engayla is the German pronunciation of Angela. The designer has lived in the Seattle area since 1990 where she started a journey to discover her true self, and her creativity led her to clothing, jewelry and other fashion accessories. Whether designing wearable art from natural fiber fabrics or producing one of a kind purses and jewelry, Engayla focuses on comfort, beauty and classic construction.

“Listening to my customers and knowing what they are looking for inspires me. I listen when women request garments made with lightweight and breathing fibers. Sometimes I play with the fabrics dyeing them or discharging them to create one-of-kind looks which flatter the classic pieces I create.”

Angela enjoys working with natural imagery using beads, polished stone, sterling silver and found objects that are richly varied in color, tone and shape. For her leather work she collects embossed cowhides and also hand paints on cowhides to create one-of-a-kind purses, belts & accessories. Angela also puts her own surface designs on natural fiber fabrics using silk screens, dyes, stamps, discharge paste and fabric paint.

“My textures are exotic and instill the curiosity of wanting to touch and experience the fibers. I seldom line a garment or use complicated patterns, closures or applique. I like to use the materials as they make sense together.”

Each piece of adornment is unique. Her concern is with the process. Her selection follows no preconceived notion and goes from heart to hand, evolving into body ornaments that have art-to-wear qualities.

“Creating new fashion is creating a feeling, a mood, making a statement, provoking curiosity and evoking a sense of purity, femininity, whimsicality, theatricality, mystery, and romance.”

Engayla design is fabulous, comfortable, textured and made for the individual, not the crowd.


“Guten Tag”


Artist Studio Tour in Northern Germany with Fashion Designer Engayla

Travel to the most beautiful part of Europe and get to know some of the leading artists by visiting their studios. Eat and drink like the locals. See the sights that the generic tours don’t even know about. But most importantly make memories that will last a lifetime.


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