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Unique Clothing by Engayla

Engayla believes in being chic, flattering & unique at every age.
Large brown black leather tote bag

Unique clothing by Engayla

German-born Angela Ehrig is the creator of Engayla design business built with roots firmly planted in classic European traditions. Each piece of adornment is unique. Engayla designs are creative, comfortable, textured, and made for the individual – not the crowd. Read more

"Listening to my customers and knowing what they are looking for inspires me. I choose and create fabrics designing one-of-a-kind and limited edition looks which flatter the feminine."
~ Angela

Kind Words from Our Customers

Engayla is an artist, a master designer and seamstress rolled into one fine person. I purchased the black zippered jacket - the fabric and design are elegant. I adore the asymmetrical design, the comfort and all around high quality. Engayla is lovely and so easy to work with as well, I highly recommend her for her professionalism and excellent quality of all her clothing.
Elizabeth Crouch
Engayla Unique Clothing is just that. I bought a silk print scarf from Engala which is stunning -- amazing design, colors -- soft and inviting. I own jewelry -- earing and necklaces -- from her collection that I wear often and gift often. In this time of COVID, Engayla's beautiful clothing, jewelry and accessories are a perfect online shopping opportunity.
Carol Larivee
The leather pieces I have purchased from Engayla are absolutely stunning. I see her every year at the Chateau St. Michelle Winery's 4th of July festival. I would buy so much more if I could. Beautiful pieces of art you can wear. I think I have 3 belts and a GREAT bag! Highly recommend you browse her pieces. The clothing is spectacular!
Jen Winters

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