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Hand dyed boiled wool vest

Hand dyed vest in brown and black.


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About Engayla

About Engayla. German born Angela Ehrig is the creator of Engayla with a design business build with roots firmly planted in classic European traditions. The move to the United States in 1990 was a journey to discover her true creativity and it led her to clothing, jewelry and other fashion accessories with her eye focusing on comfort, beauty and classic construction and the open hearted diversity of America. The name of her design business is the German pronunciation of Angela.

“Listening to my customers and knowing what they are looking for inspires me. Sometimes I play with the fabrics creating one-of-a-kind looks which flatter the classic pieces I create.”

In her jewelry work Angela enjoys working with natural imagery using beads, silver and found objects richly varied in color, tone and shape. She collects and handpaints on cowhides for her leather work to create one-of-a-kind purses, belts & accessories or she puts her own surface designs on natural fiber fabrics using different surface design techniques.

“My textures are exotic and instill the curiosity of wanting to touch and experience the fibers. I seldom line a garment or use complicated patterns, closures or applique. I like to use the materials as they make sense together.”

Each piece of adornment is unique. Engayla’s concern is with the process. She follows no preconceived notion and goes from heart to hand. Her pieces are evolving into body ornaments that have art-to-wear qualities.

“Creating new fashion is creating a feeling, a mood, making a statement, provoking curiosity and evoking a sense of purity, femininity, whimsicality, theatricality, mystery, and romance.”

Engayla designs are fabulous, comfortable, textured and made for the individual, not the crowd.


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