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About Engayla

Hello! My name is Angela Ehrig, and I am the founder & lead designer of Engayla.

Some words from me

About me

I was born in Germany, and grew up with a love for design and creating beauty for others to enjoy. The name “Engayla” actually derived from the German pronunciation of my first name, Angela.

While my heritage is German, my move to the United States in the 1990’s also influenced the style of my clothing line. Along my journey, I have met wonderful people, learned plenty, and have created unique clothing designs that I am proud of.

My creations

I’ve kept my design roots influenced with classic European traditions, and embraced the open-hearted diversity that runs through America’s veins.

I’ve also created jewelryscarves, and many other fashion accessories. When creating new designs, I keep a keen focus on comfort, beauty, and classic construction. All with a unique German twist!

Listening to my customers and knowing what they are looking for is what inspires me. Sometimes I play with my fabrics and create one-of-a-kind looks that flatter the classic pieces I create (and the wearer, too).

In my jewelry work, I particularly enjoy playing with natural imagery by using beads, silver and found objects that vary richly in their color, shape, and tone. I enjoy painting on cowhide to create one-of-a-kind pieces of artwear for my pursesbelts & accessories!

My textures are exotic and instill the curiosity of wanting to touch and experience the fibers. I seldom line a garment or use complicated patterns, closures or applique. I like to use the materials as they make sense together.


Each piece of adornment is unique. My primary concern is with the process. I choose to follow no preconceived notions and create from my heart to hand. When I’m creating a piece, it’s a joy to watch it evolve into body ornaments that have art-to-wear qualities.

Creating new fashion is the act of creating a feeling. You are able to generate an entire mood, make a statement, provoke curiosity and evoke a sense of purity, femininity, whimsicality, theatricality, mystery, and romance.

My designs are comfortable, textured, and made for the individual – not the crowd. I hope that you’ll find the perfect design to express yourself and BE YOU!

-Angela Ehrig, Owner

Engayla at BAM ARTSfair
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