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How to care for special garments

Looking after one-of-a-kind garments, hand dyed garments, cashmere tops, hand woven garments and any other unique garment may seem daunting. Through years of creating art to wear, I have learned how to best care for these special garments. In this post I will share all my best tips with you, so you can do it with confidence.

Some of you would not want to attempt caring for your garments yourself. That is why I always mention “Dry clean” in my hang tags. For example, the washing instructions for this beautiful zipper jacket are:

“Delicate wash cycle in cold water only in the machine or hand wash in cold water, hang dry or dry clean.”

That does not mean however, that you cannot care for your garment yourself.


How to care for special garments at home


Hand washing

Any garment can be cared for at home, however you might have to handwash your precious piece.

Cold water and baby shampoo are your best friend. I think you cannot get a milder detergent than baby shampoo. I purchase large bottles of baby shampoo at Costco or your local discount store.

Even wool could be washed at home. The best way is to fill up a bucket with cold to lukewarm water, add some baby shampoo and stick your garment in the bucket. Swish it around a few times and leave it sitting in the bucket for 30 minutes or so. Then gently rinse it out under cold water. Now take an old towel and press out the water until it is not soaking wet anymore. Then you can lay the garment flat to dry or hang dry it depending on the weight of the garment.

Machine washing

If you don’t feel like dealing with a bucket and pressing it in an old towel, you might be able to use the shortest and most delicate wash cycle in your washing machine. I even wash my cashmere sweaters in my washing machine. I chose the delicate or handwash cycle (depending on your machine the cycle might be called something different).

The delicate/handwash cycle uses cold water only and the cycle is very short. The spin is gentle and not very long but long enough so that the garment does not come out the washing machine dripping wet. I take the garment out of the washing machine and if it is light enough, I hang it up on a hanger in the laundry room to dry. I have never had a bad experience with his method.


Wrapping it up

You can be certain that caring for your special garments this way that the garment is clean, and no chemicals potentially remain in the garment when taking it to the Dry Cleaners. Besides, it saves you money and you do not come home with a bunch of plastic.


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