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Defining Unique Clothing

Unique Clothing

Modern fashion has brought about vendors focused on mass-production, data-driven design decisions, and high profitability. As a result, unique clothing has become far more scarce, and is very much in-demand.

Is this what fashion is supposed to be? Let’s take a look at the actual definition of the word “fashion.” 

fashion: “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.”

Ah, so fashion has always had its roots in “popularity” and “trends.” Maybe unique clothing is hard to come by because fashion companies are live and die by copying each other.

But at a smaller scale, there is a constant push for designers to create something brand new and unique to challenge these trends and move them forward.

When I founded Engayla in the late 90’s, this desire to challenge the status quo was something in my heart.

What makes clothing unique?

In fashion, it might be hard to objectively define something as unique. Especially when the dictionary itself tells us that fashion appeals to a “popular trend.”

Whether or not the clothing is truly unique can be subjective to the person wearing it or looking at it.

Just as one person may find a new local coffee shop to be very fresh and interesting, their friend may scoff and say, “Oh there’s a place like that right down the street from where I live.”

Can there such thing as truly unique clothing, if there is always some room left up to the interpreter?

Yes, I believe that there can be!

Unique Clothing for Women

As a designer, I spend much of my time meeting with my customers and understanding what it is that they are looking for. Their wonderful comments and ideas create the inspiration needed to create unique clothing for women.

Designs by Engayla

When creating women’s clothing, I believe that the process needs to start from a place of genuine inspiration. I further discuss my process of designing unique clothing in the video below.

Within the design process, I believe that there should be no singular way that the process must go. The most important aspect is that all actions come from a genuine place of inspiration.

Working from the heart to hand is essential, every single step of the way. When I work on creating unique clothing for women, my goal is to transform my garments into body ornaments that truly have an “art-to-wear” quality.

To answer the original question, I believe that a piece of clothing must evoke that same “art-to-wear,” or, “wearable art” quality in order to be truly unique.

It is up to my customers to determine whether the clothing is the right fit for them or not!

Women’s Clothing Boutique

Engayla has been creating unique clothing in the greater Seattle area since the 1990’s. We have products in the following different categories available for purchase, and we ship worldwide!

Fashion does not always have to be about popularity and trends. It can be about finding that one garment that strikes a chord with the individual.

I invite you to browse through my design gallery and find a garment that is uniquely YOU! 

You can visit this page to learn more about Engayla as a business, and please feel free to comment or email. I love hearing from my customers and am here to help!

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