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Fall Jackets Women Love: Engayla’s Top 5

As the leaves turn their golden color and the autumn season draws near, many large retailers will begin stocking their inventory with the fall jackets women seek.

With many of the same styles recycled year after year, it becomes a big challenge for women who are in search of unique jackets. But not to worry! 

I have you covered with my top 5 unique women’s jackets for the upcoming fall season. And if you make it all the way to the end of the blog post, there may even a special promo code for you to get your fall look started 🙂

Fall Jackets for Women

These fall jackets for women are sure to perfectly match both your fall mood and look as we turn the new season together!

Black Grey Yoga Jacket

First up on the list is the black grey yoga jacket with large snaps.

fall jackets women

Whether you’re walking into a warm yoga session, out into the crisp fall air afterward, or simply enjoying a walk around the city, this is one of my top fall jackets for women.

Incredibly comfortable, it can be worn fully open or even snapped up, transforming the jacket into a cowl neck closed front style. 

It’s truly one of my most popular jackets for women!

Trench Jacket in Grey Featherwale Cotton

Interested in a more polished style this fall? Look no further than the trench jacket in grey featherwale cotton.

jackets for women

This trench jacket is one of the most universal fall jackets for women. Made with a gorgeous featherwale cotton and sporting unique vintage buttons, you’ll find endless occasions to show it off.

Grey Cotton Fleece Asymmetrical Jacket

Okay — perhaps you aren’t just looking for any old unique jackets. Maybe you’re seeking out the MOST unique jackets for women possible.

Well, the grey cotton fleece asymmetrical jacket certainly fits the bill. Asymmetry is used to make this into a highly unique jacket that will be every bit as fashionable as it is comfortable.

unique jackets

Truly embodying the description “wearable art,” this jacket is very flattering for the wearer, and incredibly comfortable.

Brown Black Hand Dyed Boiled Wool Drape Jacket

While this jacket could be considered more of a winter wardrobe, there are fewer jackets women find more comfortable than the boiled wool drape jacket.

unique womens jackets

The wool fabric is lightweight and gives a little bit of stretch that will flatter your curves and create a unique look with its two different sides.

Unbelievably comfortable and able to be dressed up or down, it’s one of the very best jackets for women, fall aside.

White Black Houndstooth Knit Jacket

Lastly, we have the white black houndstooth knit jacket.

fall jackets for women

I find that the best jackets are often the ones that have a bit more length to them, and a great classic style.

This jacket fits the bill in more ways than one in terms of fall jackets for women. It will make a welcome addition to your wardrobe and help you ring in the new season.

Unique Jackets 

Whether you’re looking for a unique jacket for the fall, or something else entirely, there’s plenty more unique women’s clothing for you to look through!

Thank you for reading my fall jacket round-up here! 

Enjoy this 10% promotional code on a new fall jacket, good until the end of October.


Until next time, have a happy fall!

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