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Designer Jackets for 2021

Designer jackets perfect for the Spring season are always a popular purchase this time of year.

But although big name brands try each year to present something new to their audience, one can’t help but notice that many of the same designer coats start blurring together.

Truly, fashion begins to repeat itself — especially when big business is making the decisions around what will be marketed and sold.

Designer Jackets for Women

As the owner and founder of a local Seattle designer business, I bring forth classic European tradition in all of my designs.

You will find much German, and broad European influence in all of my designs, but especially in my designer jackets for women!

With the Spring season here, I’ve been working closely with many of my friends and customers to put together unique clothing designs that bring something new to the table.

Designer Coats

Here are some of my best-selling designer coats for women who are looking for something new and fresh this Spring!

1. White Black Houndstooth Knit Jacket

First is a personal favorite of mine, the white black houndstooth knit jacket!

This designer jacket is a unique garment with a bit more length to it than your standard jacket. It pairs well with many different types of outfits.

It’s a great classic style that fits the perfectly as a designer jacket for women on the go.

The white black houndstooth knit jacket may just be your favorite addition to your wardrobe this Spring!

2. Designer Coat for Winter – Grey Cotton Fleece Asymmetrical Jacket

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, comfortable fleece jacket during the early Spring?

Normally, I’d say that this product fits better under the category of winter coats for women… but given the temperatures we’ve had so far in Seattle, I think it may need to come a season early!

The grey cotton fleece asymmetrical jacket makes amazing use of asymmetry, making it a designer jacket that’s beyond comfortable and keenly fashionable.

I’ve yet to meet any woman that this jacket doesn’t fit perfectly; it’s highly flattering for the wearer! Stay warm and fashionable with fleece this Spring.

3. Trench Jacket in Grey Featherwale Cotton

If you prefer designer jackets that are more conservative and formal in style, then you may like the trench jacket in grey featherwale cotton.

I find that this jacket is one of the most universal designer jackets for women. It is handcrafted with elegant featherwale cotton and accents the unique look with beautiful vintage buttons.

You’ll be every bit as warm as you are stylish this Spring.

4. Black Grey Yoga Jacket

The black grey yoga jacket with large snaps is a classic designer jacket that still transmits a sense of modernity to the wearer.

Perfect for after a warm yoga session or a crisp walk in the park, I find that this is one of my most popular designer jackets.

Of course, it has received a few tweaks and improvements over time… but like they say, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Designer coats aren’t usually THIS comfortable. See why it’s one of my customers’ favorites :).

5. Brown Black Hand Dyed Boiled Wool Drape Jacket

Last up is another jacket that could also be classified under the “winter coats for women” category.

But winter or Spring, there are few jackets that my customers love more than the boiled wool drape jacket.

Wool is such a versatile, lightweight fabric that flatters the wearer with its slight stretch, and sports a unique asymmetrical look with its two draped sides.

Dress it up or down, and enjoy one of my most unique designer jackets for women, period.

Designer Jackets

I can’t thank my customers enough for all of their kind words about my women’s clothing and designs!

Whether you want a sleek designer jacket for the Spring, or you’re in search of winter clothes, there are plenty of unique garments for you to look through in my shop.

Thank you for reading my Spring jacket round-up! 

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Until next time, have a happy Spring, and please let me know if I can help you find the perfect garment for YOU!

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