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Winter Clothes for Staying Warm

With the sudden fall in temperatures in the Seattle area, the time to pull the winter clothes out of your wardrobe has arrived earlier a month ahead of schedule!

Although other parts of the world may laugh at us Pacific Northwesterners for considering 40 degrees Fahrenheit to be “cold,” it certainly is low enough to make one start selecting warmer winter clothing options in the morning.

While the thermometer continues to drop, allow me to share my best tips for winterizing your wardrobe this season and layering for warmth!

Winter Clothes

What constitutes winter clothing depends a little bit on what part of the country (or globe) you live in. 

After all, you wouldn’t wear a light sweater on the Mount Everest, and you wouldn’t wear a heavy-duty ski jacket for a walk down to the coffee shop.

Winterizing your wardrobe is all about combining your various winter clothing garments into layers that keep you warm and accent your look.

How to Layer Clothes for Winter

Here are some of the time-tested fundamentals on how to layering clothes for the winter.

Quality Baselayers

A warm baselayer is the foundation of most winter clothing looks. Something that is form-fitting and snug, so as not to add too much bulk to the rest of your layers.


winter clothing


While I don’t sell any of these at my shop, there are plenty of trusted vendors out there who can get you your perfect baselayer.

Long-Sleeve Shirts for Winter

With your baselayer in place, a t-shirt or long-sleeve shirt is the next element to layer on top.

Many of my customers say that they love staying warm with my black cotton gauze boyfriend shirt as one of their go-to layers!

Warm Sweatshirts and Jackets

Your layers are starting to pile up!

To keep the bulk down, consider adding only one more layer. Sweatshirts and jackets are very key here. My selection of designer jackets for fall will make a great fit here, even as the temperature drops further.

One of my personal favorites is my grey cotton fleece asymmetrical jacket.

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A Scarf to Top it Off

Women love my scarves! I have so much fun making them, and it’s a thrill to see how they perfectly complement my customers’ beautiful outfits.

In particular, my eco printed silk scarf has become very popular. I designed it using plants that grew in my very own backyard!

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Other Layers for Winter

When it comes to your lower half, you always should consider wearing a pair of lined pants or jeans, with a thermal layer underneath.

And be sure to choose wool socks and quality shoes to keep your feet warm!

How to Store Winter Clothes

When the season ends, make sure that you know how to store winter clothes to keep the moths and dust away! This merits its own blog post, when the season is over.

Winter Clothes for Women

I get so much joy in creating unique women’s clothing and designs!

Whether you’re trying to stay warm with lots of layers, or just looking for winter clothes that have a beautiful look, there are plenty of winter clothes for women to choose from in my online shop.

As of this month, I am now offering free shipping to all US website orders! 

Since the season of giving is nearly upon us, I want to make sure that you get a little something special from me too.

This promotional code below will give you 10% off any order on all of my women’s clothing, scarves, handbags, and more through the end of December!


Stay warm out there! And please share with me your beautiful winter clothing choices on my Instagram at @engayla_designs!

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